About us

Eletek has grown alongside its customers and partners for whom is has been manufacturing industrial electrical automation systems and plant for more than a quarter of a century.

The resulting experience drives the company to refine its manufacturing methods and techniques on a continuous basis, while maintaining regular training programs for its staff, the one element that really sets every quality company apart from the competition.



Why choose Eletek

A timetable is established for each project and agreed with the customer
In the industrial installation sector it is very important to establish a supply network where the various activities are coordinated so as to achieve all the objectives within the time limits defined by the site manager; Eletek's reliability as a partner is based on its organisational capacity, which enables it to plan a precise and effective work schedule that meets all its customer's needs.

Qualified personnel and "continuous training”
All Eletek operatives possess the skills, requisites and qualifications necessary to carry out the tasks and activities assigned to them; in fact, each specific job is allocated to a team of personnel who have been selected according characteristics, skills and qualifications necessary to meet the project specifications.

Expertise in every working environment
Eletek personnel possess the skills and qualifications necessary when realising and installing electrical panels and machine control panels for the electro-mechanical, chemical, processing etc. industrial sectors, irrespective of the working environment and conditions (e.g. live work, special environmental situations, etc.)