Our history

1992: Eletek s.d.f.

The company, founded in April 1992 as "Eletek s.d.f.", began life providing direct and sub-contract solutions for important local companies. From the outset, one of the main advantages of working with Eletek is that of being able to outsource activities where the reliability and efficiency of the company's plant depend on the skills and production quality of the supplier.i.


1998: Eletek s.n.c.

In 1998 Eletek changed its name to "Eletek s.n.c." and, thanks to the results achieved during its the early years, the company expanded its operations to include automation systems, distribution and the supply of materials and products necessary to sustain and support its customers' activities.


2004: Eletek S.r.l.

Since 2004, the company has been known as "Eletek S.r.l.", while its activities have also expanding into the tertiary and private sectors, with the creation of integrated home automation (domotic) systems.

In 2017 the company celebrated 25 years of activity. 

Thanks to the company's development path, and the experience and expertise is has gained on the way, Eletek has become a benchmark company in the industrial electrical automation systems and plant applications sector.